‘Nduja Calabrese [NEW BATCH]

‘Nduja Calabrese [NEW BATCH]


Our modern twist on a native Calabrian spread.

We start with our legendary Sopressata Calabrese and then we blend it three times with California extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and garlic for a silky-smooth texture.  Simply divine and undoubtedly BAVA Brothers.  It will be hard for you to not eat an entire jar in one sitting.

No added hormones, no nitrates, no artificial ingredients. Ever.

Ingredients: BAVA Brothers Sopressata Calabrese (All-Natural Pork, Sea Salt, Calabrese Paprika, Fennel Seeds, Red Pepper, Dextrose, Nonfat Dry Milk, Starter Culture), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sun dried tomatoes, Garlic.

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