Now you don’t have to invite us to your parties and gatherings to get a little BAVA Brothers for yourself.  Gosh, if only grandpa had the super highway at his fingertips back then.  Lucky you!

Small Batches, Made by Hand. Our Sopressata Calabrese and ‘Nduja Calabrese are made by hand in small batches so you’re always getting the freshest Bava Brothers products to enjoy with your friends and family. Sometimes we can run out pretty quickly (insert obligatory apology in advance here), but don’t worry, the more you love it, the more we make it.  

Made Fresh, Shipped Fresh.  All orders are shipped FedEx 2-day service, chilled and wrapped in 100% recyclable materials.  Recommendation alert! Max out your shipping and order at least two products per order (don’t be shy, you’ll thank us later).

Our 4th generation family recipe continues.

Our Sopressata isn’t like most.  All-natural heritage pork mixed with the perfect blend of red chili pepper, paprika, and fennel seeds, aged for a month and pressed for two weeks.  Lean, herbal on the front end with a spicy kick on the back.  You’ll never have anything like it.

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Our modern twist on a native Calabrian spread.

We start with our legendary Sopressata Calabrese and then we blend it three times with California extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and garlic for a silky-smooth texture.  Simply divine and undoubtedly BAVA Brothers.  It will be hard for you to not eat an entire jar in one sitting.

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Even us Calabrese need a little sweet to balance our spice.

Introducing the newest member to our family. Soaked in white wine and flavored with peppercorns, fennel seeds, cloves and garlic, our Cervelatta compliments just about anything.

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